Relationships and Reputation

  Whilst designing the Edge Architecture I quickly realized that Relationships were a key element of systems going forward. At Spark this was reinforced and in addition I began to understand that it is actually the platform for both collaboration and discovery. Starting to drill down into the Edge Architecture the whole area of relationships…


Users and Organisations at Spark

  One model that was put up at Spark was Jeff Schneider’s which tied together users and organizations really nicely:    


User Centricity: A Spark Theme

  The main theme from Spark was putting the user (both inside and outside the organization) first. This was felt by all to be a fundamental tenet for the future of IT and architecture by the vast majority of participants, myself included. Interestingly it was something Bill said in his keynote at Mix too.  …


Trust, Control and Emergence at Spark

Another topic that Nick talked about at Spark was the relationship between Trust and Centralisation, drawing them as two axis to make one of those infamous quadrant diagrams. You can then look at the characteristics of organisations that fit into each of those quadrants. I have seen a very thought provoking slide on this from Gartner…


SOA and WOA at Spark

So I just got the materials back from Spark and was going through them to make sure I had captured everything. One that attracted my attention was a definition of SOA and Web Oriented Arcitecture that Nick Gall from Gartner gave: Service Oriented Architecture Modular Distributed Loosely coupled   Web Oriented Architecture Decentralized Globally Linked…


What is an Architect?

Arrgh, yet again I have been drawn into the “what is an architect” discussion! I knew it was a mistake to give a definition of architecture.   Anyway I have been thinking about how to make this clearer because it seems to be such an area of confusion. There are multiple levels of architects who…


Do Architects Design?

Of course they do!! Craig blogged about my architecture definition and said that my definition didn’t do much for him as it didn’t include design. He focused on the communicate and forecast rather than the modelling elements of my definition. The issue here is what is a model. Webster defines model as Structural Design. So…


My outing as a Stateful Restafarian

Following on from my post about being a Restafarian yesterday I thought this was amusing:  I’m not a Roarchast-REST either, I am a stateful REST. So would all these REST definitions be a SLEEP?



Someone told me about this at Spark but it has taken me this long to find the docs: Because of the work I did in infrastructure and managment I have been sort of tracking the problems with WS-RF and WS-DM against WS-Managment and CIM so this was very interesting and much needed. On a…