Architecture and Architects

What is architecture? IT architecture is the use of models, levels of abstraction and relationships in IT systems and processes to manage complexity and simplify communication.     Why do we need architecture?   Over the years IT projects have grown in size, scope, complexity, expense and criticality….


Architecture roles

  Following on from my definitions of what the different types of architect do here is an excellent description of the infrastructure and software architects roles:



Just been to another meeting where there was confusion over what an infrastructure architect does in comparison to an application architect. I cant understand this, its so obvious to me:   An infrastructure architect provides models and technology for the whole business (networks, mail, web ect). They have a budget allocated by the corporation.  …


Infrastructure Architects and Business Value

  I have had a go at defining infrastructure architecture and the feedback seems to have been: Ok, so what about infrastructure architects and the business value of infrastructure rather more than the details of what categories exist within infrastructure architecture. There also has been significant pushback on coining terms so I wont do that…


Managing Connected Systems Guidance

  Of interest to anyone who is working on Infrastructure Architecture based around SOA is the Managing Connected Systems set of whitepapers just released on the Microsoft Architecture Series website.   This set of whitepapers uses a typical enterprise scenario to examine the business architecture, solution design, solution deployment, management architecture and operational architecture. It…


Zapthink on ESB

  I read a fair amount of the analysts reports, probably not as many as I should, but I like some of Zapthinks stuff, especially the wackier ones so it was no big surprise that I read their latest one on “The seven things that your SOA teams shouldn’t say”. I particularly liked the second…