Gartner Real Time Infrastructure and Infrastructure Maturity Model


Back in January I went to some internal Microsoft training (called Envision) in Seattle and had the privilege to go to a session by Tom Bittman, a VP and distinguished analyst with Gartner. Now in general I am not overkeen on Gartner having looked at a lot of their reports in the solutions / application space but I have to say I was really impressed by Tom's insight and understanding. If you get a chance to see Tom's talk or look through his presentation then it is really worth doing.


I remember at the time commenting to one of the Microsoft VP's who was in the talk that we should really take a lot of notice of what Tom was saying and strangely enough someone has, today I was invited to an internal talk which uses a lot of his concepts, in particular the Infrastructure Maturity Model.


Now I have been a big fan of the SEI's CMM for a while now so I think the use of it in infrastructure is great, I also think Toms categorization of the levels of maturity is spot on. Interestingly enough I think that I am working on the Virtualization, Service and Policy levels of the maturity model.


I will be returning to this topic in future blogs.


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