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So I haven’t blogged in ages because I have taken on a new job and moved to the US which has involved a huge amount of visa / house renting / car selling and buying / moving / phone and PC reconfiguring etc activity, none of which has much place on a technical blog but all of which takes a lot of blogging time. However I am now safely installed in my new office in the Microsoft Redmond Campus, have a condo in Kirkland and a car on the way so I am able to take up the blogging mantle again.

First of all what is my new job? Well I am now a Group Program Manager for Infrastructure Architecture in the Architecture Strategy Team at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond. I am responsible for ensuring that Microsoft's Infrastructure Architecture strategy and guidance is clearly defined and communicated to all parts of Microsoft and our partners and customers. As Microsoft makes a large portion of its revenue from platform and infrastructure it is clear that we need to provide a clear strategy and roadmap and great architectural guidance in this space and that is my job. Clearly I cannot do that all on my own so I have to set up a team of people to assist me and also to ensure that I use the rest of Microsoft and indeed people in the industry as appropriate for support.

So a big job but one I am looking forward to tremendously. I have been doing a lot of thinking about what Infrastructure architecture is and what I need to provide to support infrastructure architecture and I will be using this blog as a place to capture those thoughts, get feedback and solicit support so here goes!

As always these are my own personal ideas and thoughts; they are not necessarily the direction or strategy of Microsoft or indicative of what Microsoft may or may not do. Anyone who has worked for a large organization knows only too well what you would like to happen rarely bears any relationship to what does finally happen!



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  1. Steve Lamb says:

    Welcome back! Do you have a nice British car on the way?

  2. Adam Field says:

    Congrats on the new job

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  4. web designer says:


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