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So looking through my calendar for the next couple of weeks I have a ton of presentations to give and events to attend. First of all tomorrow at 2pm BST I am giving my Integration and Interop presentation, latest version, as a webcast which should be interesting. I have given this presentation as a 2.5 hour session and a 30 min session and had too much both times so an hour webcast will be interesting.

Next on Wednesday we have an MVP day where I will be presenting the half hour version of the same thing and then on Thursday I will be going to the John Craddock AD day here at Reading which looks very interesting and will help to crisp up my thoughts around IdM and organizational mapping.

On Monday next week (the 11th) I will be running a session on Architectural Failures at SPA 2005 in Bedfordshire. This is not a presentation but a tutorial / workshop format where I go through some examples and then the attendees add in their ideas. I have never done anything like this before so I am a bit nervous but I think I have some good examples so hopefully it will go well.

Then off on the airplane to Edinburgh (shame because I will miss some of SPA) for the first of the Technet Roadshows at the Corn Exchange on the 12th and 13th where I will be doing the Keynote on DSI and the one hour integration and interop talk on the 12th followed by the keynote on Yukon on the 13th.

Then on the 21st of April at Reading there is a half day session on Enterprise Library being run by one of the Patterns and Practices PM’s from Redmond. There will be both a customer session in the morning and a partner session in the afternoon. I haven’t been keeping up with what has been happening in the Patterns space recently and so this will be useful to get up to date with how the application blocks are getting pulled into a library.

Further out the next Architect Forum is on June 16th in the Cavendish Center in London and will be on Connected Systems (Microsoft speak for SOA).

So it looks like an eventful (yuk!) couple of weeks!


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  1. Mark says:

    Hi there Mike,

    I had been unable to attend the sesison at TVP re; interoperability. Would there be an opportunity in obtaining any material covered. I raise this question as it is a hot topic within our org at present and I am in the midst of modelling an RAA surrounding MS sets?

    Thanks for your time in advance.

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