Interop Technet event post mortem

So last Thursday I did my first Technet evening interop event based on Simon Guests Interop slides. It was a small and select audience and went reasonably well (I hardly ever feel things go very well). As always I was worried about not enough material and as always there was far too much. In fact it became a bit like a long reference manual or list so I was glad to have a couple of stories and a demo to break it up.

I used HIS 2005 to demo most of the different levels of interop as there are examples of network, security, database and application interoperability in HIS. I also got the whole demo to work which I was very pleased by, I will blogcast the other sections that I have not got to work in the past when I find my Microphone!

A couple of thoughts about the evening; firstly how big the whole area is, the present talk is pretty daunting in the amount of things it covers but it is far from complete. A full talk would be huge.

Secondly is how nice it is to give these talks as the audience tends to be more mature and so it is fun in the intervals to reminisce. In this case it was a gentleman who was still running VME on a Fujitsu machine so we had a chat about George 3!

Now I have to prepare for a DSI talk I am giving at the Architecture forum on Operations and Management tomorrow. I have managed to get an early demo of Indy to give so it should be interesting.

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