Infrastructure Architecture Scenario

I am writing a mega scenario to use as a test for infrastructure architecture. This implies that it covers all the technical aspects of infrastructure. The elements or layers that I have are:


1.    Hardware (routers, servers, client devices, storage (SANS / NAS))

2.    Networks (Protocols, DNS / Bind, Wireless)

3.    Directory (LDAP, AD, iplanet, NDS, edirectory)

4.    Security (Kerberos, Certificates, IRM, Identity, federation)

5.    Firewalls (Proxys and firewalls)

6.    Web Servers (Apache, IIS)

7.    File and Print (Windows, NFS, Novell)

8.    Clients (Apple, Unix, Novell, 98, 3270, wireless, mobile, office, browser)

9.    Database (DB types, Stored Procs, Data access, data formats)

10. Mail (Lotus, Groupwise, Exchange 5.5 Exchange 2000)

11. CRM (SAP, Peoplesoft, Siebel, Great Plains)

12. Applications (VB, Delphi, COM, J2EE, NET, Java / JSP, C++, Cobol)

13. Transactions (ES, MTS, OSITP, Tuxedo, J2EE, CICS, IMS)

14. Process (MSMQ, MQSERIES, Tibco RV)

15. Management (MOM, SMS, Tivoli, CA, HP)

16. Design and Ops (MSF, ITIL, MOF, COBIT)

17. Frameworks (Zachmann, FEAF, BAIT)


I know that this is a bit MS centric and may well be incomplete however have I missed any of the layers? Is there anything major that I’m missing in the layers?

Comments (10)

  1. Carlo Poli says:

    Might not fit your goal, but I miss platform (Windows), portals (SharePoint, SAP Portal) and desktop apps(Office).

  2. mike says:

    Thanks, I have added platform (Windows, Unix, LINUX, ZOS, SUN OS) to the list, changed mail to collaboration and added SPS, STS. Office is under client.

  3. 4rt says:

    MSN, Yahoo, AOL messengers…

  4. mike says:

    Added IM to collaboration, thanks.

    I think the 17 layers above can be collapsed to the following 4 layers:

    1. Base Infrastructure 1-8

    2. Packaged solutions 9 – 11

    3. Custom solutions 12-14

    4 Ops and frameworks 15-17

    Google, MSN, Ebay, yahoo and amazon are an interesting problem. I could put them into Packaged solutions as a new 12 or leave them out. I think that infrastructure architects dont have a lot of contact / do a lot of work with them so I am going to leave them out. Let me know if you think I am wrong

  5. Paul Bartlett says:

    Though you have J2EE and JSP under Apps, what about the different app servers (Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, etc.)?

  6. RichB says:

    Come on….there _must_ be XML in there somewhere? It can solve all your architectural problems…

  7. Pablo says:

    What about:

    Security: Host based IDS, antivirus (including spyware and rootkit detection)

    Firewalls (may be included on network): Network IDS,


    Networks: VoIP, load balancing, cache, (physical vs logical design), routing

    Somewhere: Mainframes, AS/400, Backup, smartphone, tabletpc, palm devices, fax servers (integrated messaging)

  8. Morgan Tiley says:

    Physical security ?

  9. darrell says:

    Interesting how you have MSMQ, MQSERIES, Tibco RV listed as "Process". As queueing solutions, they would seem to have more to do with load-balancing or just plain queueing. For Process I would consider orchestration tools like BizTalk or Websphere.

  10. mike says:

    J2 sort of includes all the app severs.

    XML is in the data layer… and I agree about the positioning 🙂

    Yes, I agree about Biztalk and Websphere. I was just trying to avoid overt product names.

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