Technet Event on Interop

On Thursday next week I am presenting at a Technet Evening on Interop and so am putting the talk together. I don’t particularly want to go into a huge amount of detail on each Microsoft Interop product but want to give a structure or architecture for thinking about interop, talk about the issues at each level and then use the products as exemplars.


So my thoughts about the agenda are:


Why interop

Approaches for interop (ESB, SOA etc)

An Architectural framework for interop

Infrastructure interop

Application interop

Management and process interop

The future of Interop


With a few demos thrown in. (if I can get them to work, my last HIS demo was not a great success!)


The MS products covered will be:





SQL Server






So it won’t be a in depth drill down into each!


I hope to make the event interactive to find out what areas people are interested in so as to refine this talk. Let me know if you are going to be there or would like anything else covered.


As always, Simon Guest is the MS guru on interop

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