Semantic Web, Ebay, Google and Amazon

A few days ago I blogged about the importance of Google, Amazon and ebay in commerce going forward at .


Today I found an interesting story about the Semantic web and Google which looks forward to 2009 (and was written in 2002, talk about a time warp!). This gives a view on how the semantic web (or semweb.. I like that!) is aligned to search technologies such as Google and how it revolutionises commerce.


I don’t think that the story is really talking about the Semantic Web as defined by Tim Berners-Lee et al in which has the understanding of context based on ontology’s. I think it’s more about a meta use of RDF, which is valid and probably a more likely scenario given all the issues with ontology’s which I personally think will take a very long time to resolve.


I do like this use of RDF I must admit. I will have to think more about this and the possibilities and likelihood of a RDF rather than ontology based semweb.

Comments (3)

  1. kkkok says:

    post more??

  2. rtrtr says:

    no yet

  3. Michael Platt says:

    I will do when I haev thought it through a bit more!

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