Google, Ebay, Amazon and Web Services

So I am still working on my super dooper Goolizer program and am getting various bits of it to work, then today I saw this article in infoweek:;jsessionid=V4X32HXZIC5HUQSNDBGCKHQ?articleID=25600140


This was really exciting to me as it validated my thinking and what I am doing with my google based application.


There are a ton of really exiting applications, and hence business opportunities, out there using google, ebay amazon, Yahoo et al. I am writing one of these but an hour of brainstorming here with the guys at work came up with a whole host of others. Using these web services is not difficult, heck even I could get it to work, and then your imagination is the limit.


I think that the next killer application will be based on top of these huge “platforms” of google, ebay, amazon and yahoo. It may be just using one of them or it may be joining them together in a big network, or even both. I can certainly see all of these possibilities.


So this is a call to all entrepreneurial developers out there; go and look at the google, ebay and amazon web services and think about what really exciting apps can be built using them!

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  1. stefan demetz says:

    why not MSN or has lots of info which could be made available as web services …. things like security patches info with download locations come to mind ….

  2. Andy Sterland says:

    There is certainly potential there, I’ve used the Amazon web services to write myself a small app for the smart phone to check prices of dvd’s etc.. while you’re around town shopping, mainly to stop me spending a fortune on impulse buys! I was surprised how easy it was to use especially compared to eBays api which last time I used it was a horrendous xml mess. Their certainly is a lot of potential and a rumor was going around pay pal may expose some of their services via soap. Web services are going to be a huge facilitator for third party apps and i can’t wait to see them!

  3. Maxim V. Karpov says:

    While the idea of putting them together is nice, webservices are missing a critical peice to make them enterprise level, which is transactions. BizTalk server provided transactions for a long time, but the price of the product prevented from its adoption. I am looking forward on emerging markets where. Anyone, can develop e-commence with new technogolgies like Ebay or Amazon for all e-commerce needs.

    My two cents, Maxim

    [ do you?]

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