Enterprise Architecture Article

CNet published and interesting article at http://news.com.com/Enterprise+architects+clean+house/2100-7343_3-5278754.html?tag=nefd.lede about Enterprise Architecture which I pretty much agreed with. They cover the importance and value of EA, the history and reasoning behind it, some good definitions of architectural types, comment on outsourcing and training and give an idea of the salary range. I just wish I earn that sort of money. Still I have the unquantifiable pleasure of working for Microsoft, or so my boss keeps telling me!


The snag with the article as far as I am concerned however is that it leaves the impression that it’s easy and all well understood. Talking to lots of people who have done / are doing enterprise architecture it’s apparent that it’s not easy and there is no magic answer. Yes, some people have got Enterprise Architecture to work but it’s a very small percentage (about 10-15% in my experience). Far more people and organisations have failed however, because it’s so important, most organisations will keep on trying. There is an answer but it’s not easy.

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