Software Factories

Software factories have been around for some time now originating from work done at the SEI.

Recently Keith Short and Jack Greenfield from the VS Enterprise Tools group have been writing a book on the subject. Jack has a good introduction in terms of photography at and the web site for the book is at

Finally the book will be available in July from amazon at Have a look at the book description on this site.




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting finds so far this week

  2. Matt Nicholson says:

    My understanding when I interviewed Steve Cook was that Patterns and DSLs are two of the components that could play a part in a software factory, and that models – while also a potential component – are not mandatory. Would be good to get Steve’s own take on this, though!

  3. Steve Cook says:

    The most essential component of a software factory is a software factory schema. This describes precisely what artifacts the factory deals with and how they are related. A software factory could, for example, be driven from wizards and explorers. A factory will be prepopulated with assets that instantiate the schema; the factory user will add new assets, modify the supplied ones, and where they are transformations, apply them. Models are nice, but not essential.

  4. theCoach says:


    or model-less [obviously the latter, but it confused me on first reading].

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