Modelling and MDA

Cracking article and discussion around Modeling, MDA and the issues of OMG’s implementation on the Server Side at


The discussion thread is also well worth reading.



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  1. orcmid says:

    At <; orcmid spouts:

    " … Something that I find peculiar about current MDA products, though is the fact that they generate vendor lock-in, just as source-code CORBA bindings do. Duhhh?

    " … It looks like MDA, as an enterprise-focused tool, has the usual problem about whose MDA you choose to use and how far you will travel with it as MDA is used to target applications across varieties of (distributed) configurations. The problem is that the mapping from Platform Independent Models to Platform Dependent Models and the realization of Platform Dependent Components to provide smooth enactment of your model is serious black art. Something more transparent and open is needed at the design rules and component-introduction level to shake off this new model being just like the old model."

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