Whitehorse Webcast

I am busy preparing for my webcast about Visual Studio “Whidbey” - Visual Design and Validation of Connected Systems, a snappy title that I copied from the PDC.


It’s on Wednesday 07/04/2004 at 15:00 GMT (see https://msevents-eu.microsoft.com/cui/EventDetail.aspx?culture=en-GB&eventid=118743967 ).


It’s going to be a brief run over MDD, DSL, DSI and then Whitehorse. Hopefully not too many people will turn up and then I can ramble, if it’s a ton I will have to be a bit more structured.


I have finished the slides and the links from more information (see http://blogs.msdn.com/michael_platt/articles/94569.aspx ), a quick practise session on live meeting this afternoon and then I should be ready to go.

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