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Arvindra has just given me the April copy of the Architects Journal; Journal2. It looks great (although the lime green is rather bold!) with a ton of SOA related materials covering agility, implementations and patterns amongst others.


We will be giving it away along with a load of other great architect related materials at the upcoming SOA UK architects forum on the 26th of April (see ). Register soon because it’s nearly sold out already.


You can sign up for the Journal at and also be entered for a prize draw for a pocket PC. Additionally you can go to the online version at after next week.


Anyway the April edition of the Journal looks great, excellent articles, a nice editorial by Arvindra and a thoughtful, forward looking and incisive foreword by someone who clearly knows about architecture… me! J

Read it now!

Comments (2)

  1. Andrew Gayter says:

    Hey Michael,

    I was pretty interested to read the latest take on SOA and having seen that the second architects journal included some further information surfed over to the architecture/journal site. But I have to say, to go through a registration process to download it didn’t appeal – perhaps if this was removed I’d be more inclined to take a look – just a suggestion 🙂

  2. Michael Platt says:


    Just had a look myself and I agree, I wouldnt either. I have taken this up with the folks in charge of the website and they have told me that they will make it better (eg take some of the questions off and fix some of the other issues). Thanks for the feedback

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