Modelling Links

Modelling is seen as a key area for complexity management, enhanced communication, improved productivity and enhanced agility. This page has links to information about modelling. 


Model Driven Architecture

The OMG’s site, basis for MDA:


Domain Specific Modelling


Web pages

Technet DSI page:


Articles and whitepapers

Article by Steve Cook from VS on DSL’s:

Martin Fowler on UML

MSDN article on Modelling Languages:

MSDN article on Whitehorse:

Technet Whitepaper on DSI:

C Net news article on Whitehorse:

Whidbey support:

Excellent article about MDA 

Intro to Software Factories

Software Product Lines site

Software Factories site

Software Factories book




DNJ interview of Keith Short:

VSLive interview of Keith Short 1:

VSLive interview of Keith Short 2:

Eweek Interview of Bill Gates on modelling:,1759,1556081,00.asp



Keith Short’s Solution Architecture for the Service-Oriented Enterprise

DSI Webcast

MSTV on Whitehorse


Demos and Screenshots

PDC demo of Whitehorse (TLS345 under tools and Languages):

Screenshots of Whitehorse:



Blogs on Modelling







Please let me know if there are any links that you know of that I have missed! Thanks

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  1. Juha-Pekka Tolvanen says:

    Several industry examples on Domain-Specific Modeling from different authors can be found at:

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