Friday Afternoon Quiz Fun

A couple of weeks ago I put up a quiz on some of the latest technologies to see how cutting edge people were. I thought I would share the results with everyone as they are quite interesting. Firstly the test was used 348 times, some 270 times in the first 3 days (and that was over the weekend!).


Some of the results were quite surprising, more people using agile than any formal method; as many people using production web services as either messaging systems or TP monitors. There was clearly a healthy scepticism of the same things that I worry about, codegen, MDA, and OR transformation.


The most surprising thing for me was the level of sophistication of the people who took the test, many people having experience in AOP, UML 2.0, Agile and WS extensions.


Given that you guys (and ladies) are so dammed smart I can see that I will have to think harder about what I say!


Anyway the detailed results are below; I will write another one as soon as I can find a decent quiz site. I found one for dating which was good and could be modified to ask architectural questions but it then ended matching people with similar interests together!


Last modified: Fri Mar 5 20:03:27 2004 (GMT+2)

Last used: Wed Mar 17 18:38:58 2004 (GMT+2)
Used: 348 times


1. Are you using Agile or XP?

[Checked 135 times] [Multiple-choice question]
1.1 Yes (t) 47% 1.2 No (f) 47%


2. Are you using a formal development methodology (not agile) such as spiral, waterfall or RUP?

[Checked 172 times] [Multiple-choice question]
2.1 yes (t) 40% 2.2 No (f) 56%


3. Do you consider MVC is an architectural pattern?

[Checked 166 times] [Multiple-choice question]
3.1 Yes (t) 60% 3.2 No (f) 37%


4. Have you calculated your code quality level using tools such as cyclometric complexity?

[Checked 188 times] [Multiple-choice question]
4.1 Yes (t) 19% 4.2 No (f) 78%


5. Do you think codegen from models such as MDA will be generally applicable?

[Checked 181 times] [Multiple-choice question]
5.1 Yes (t) 29% 5.2 No (f) 69%


6. Have you used UML 1.X?

[Checked 212 times] [Multiple-choice question]
6.1 Yes (t) 65% 6.2 No (f) 30%


7. Have you used UML 2.0?

[Checked 128 times] [Multiple-choice question]
7.1 Yes (t) 32% 7.2 No (f) 66%


8. Are you using any OR mapping technologies such as entity beans in a production system?

[Checked 137 times] [Multiple-choice question]
8.1 Yes (t) 30% 8.2 No (f) 66%


9. Have you done any AOP?

[Checked 126 times] [Multiple-choice question]
9.1 Yes (t) 19% 9.2 No (f) 76%


10. Have you built a production web service?

[Checked 143 times] [Multiple-choice question]
10.1 Yes (t) 64% 10.2 No (f) 33%


11. Have you used any WS extensions?

[Checked 115 times] [Multiple-choice question]
11.1 Yes (t) 40% 11.2 No (f) 56%


12. Have you used any asynchronous message passing systems in a production system?

[Checked 125 times] [Multiple-choice question]
12.1 Yes (t) 63% 12.2 No (f) 36%


13. Have you used any distributed transaction systems in a production system?

[Checked 124 times] [Multiple-choice question]
13.1 Yes (t) 62% 13.2 No (f) 34%


14. Do you use codegen roundtripping?

[Checked 122 times] [Multiple-choice question]
14.1 Yes (t) 17% 14.2 No (t) 81%

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