First Blog

So a quick intro. I'm an architect in the UK, moved back from Redmond six months ago. I have been with MS 10 years in technical / architectural roles and 20 years with IBM in R&D (Hursley) before that.

My interests are in Enterprise Architecture (particularly Models, DSM's and Frameworks), SDLC (Product Line Factories and distributed DLC) and Application Architecture (SOA, perf and reliability, Grid). I anticipate blogging about technical issues and information in these areas.

Comments (5)

  1. jdevados says:

    welcome! Looking forward to reading your blog Mike!

  2. adam says:

    Welcome Back Mike. Look forward to reading.

  3. SBC says:

    I see that you were at Hursley – I was at Watson (YKT, NY) during the 90’s… small world.. 🙂

  4. Michael Platt says:

    I went to TJ a few times as I worked in research at the Scientific center. Cool place.

  5. Michael Platt says:

    Eh? Bit too abstract for me.

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