Moving my Blog

I have moved my blog to xxx. In future all my blog posts will be there.   Note, someone has taken over my domain and published offensive materials so I have removed the link until this is resolved to avoid pointing to the site. My apologies for any offense caused, some things are very difficult…


Innovation and Llamas

No, I didnt get it either but here is an article by IBM on Llamas and innovation. The interesting thing for me is that Andy used to work for me many moons ago at IBM and hasnt changed a bit! He’s now a master inventor though, we didnt have those in my day.

Windows Live Writer

  We have just announced availability of the Beta of Windows Live Writer. This is a really great product and very important (IMHO)



  We have just announced a new tool called Blinq which produces a webform from a database schema. This is a really neat product which will make generating database based applications much easier. Its been suggested that it’s a framework like Ruby on Rails. In my opinion this is not correct, it is a scaffold built…

Gartners Latest Hype cycle

  There are a ton of things that have come out which I feel are pretty important that I haven’t blogged about so I will try to catch up a bit. First off Gartner’s latest prognostications put Web 2.0 at the top of the things to watch for the enterprise. As a matter of interest…

Software + Services: An Architectural Perspective

  I have spent the last couple of weeks pulling together my rather disjointed thoughts about the Architecture of Software + Services into a short article which has just been published on MSDN. Enjoy!


  I have been blogging for a while about business value and how the whole Web 2.0 thing in the enterprise will be about business value and not productivity. I am convinced this is the way things are going and so was doing some research in the whole business value area which lead me to…


The Opportunity for Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

  Dislocations cause business opportunities, new marketplaces and new models of commerce. This latest dislocation is no different than previous dislocations as can bee seen from the huge number of small dynamic startups that there are in the Web 2.0 space. As in previous dislocations we will see many of these business techniques and technologies…


The Service Platform

  The Consumer web (Web 2.0) and the enterprise Web (SOA) both have value and applicability, the consumer web where responsiveness and scale are important the enterprise web where security and integrity are paramount. It is highly unlikely that organizations will either replace all their present systems or find the security and data integrity available…


Disruption in the IT market

  So how has this disruption effected the IT market? In this context we have to think of the market as being the Enterprise Market and the Consumer Market. The Enterprise can in turn be thought of as two different parts; the Business element and the IT Organization. The IT groups in enterprises have been…