Using Facebook for socializing at work

I have been reluctant to jump on MySpace, Twitter, etc because it seemed to be so personal focused. I honestly didn’t have much I wanted to share with public or even friends that they weren’t getting from me and my family directly. There has been so much buzz about Facebook and it’s ability to cater to…


Comment changes, what happened to Intertubbers this week?

So, i had to start approving comments today.  I had always allowed annonymous, open comments, but something has gone wrong this week.  I got some profane, angry comments that were completely mis directed.  Is it a new type of SPAM?  I don’t think so, it seems to actually include text or thoughts from the post. …


John Mayer needs RSS/ATOM

My wife and I went to the John Mayer and Sheryl Crow concert Monday night at Red Rocks near Denver.  Red Rocks is one of the ultimate places to see concerts and John Mayer is one of our favorites.  I like him for his blues and guitar skills, my wife likes him for his, ahem, singing…

Don’t be a bad pitcher (blog etiquette)

I saw Scoble link to an entertaining post from Anil Dash regarding what bloggers want.  I am still getting accustomed to the blogging community and etiquette, so it was an interesting read.