My Xbox is blabbing about me

I made a change to my blog site that now shows my Xbox Live Gamer Card instead of that goofy picture that I had, check it out:   Yes that is Johnny Drama from Entourage I also see now that my Xbox is blogging about me, feel free to see what my smart lipped punk of an…


Xbox Live Connectivity, NAT, Voice Problems, Windows Connect now explained

I just saw that Major Nelson posted links to an interview with Jim Barber, Xbox Connectivity Program Manager.  Jim and I worked as consultants about 3 years ago to make sure Xbox Live would work with DSL/Cable providers as well as home gateway/routers manufacturers.  This became the Xbox Live Compatible logo program.  We built a…


Forza Sounds: The Answer

I wrote about this a little while ago, that I was intrigued at how good the real car sounds were in Forza.  Having driven a few of the cars, they were spot-on.  I got a hold of someone at Xbox/MS Game Studios and they gave me this response: “Those are actual soundclips from the real…


Halo, the movie

Looks like Halo the movie is getting closer to becoming reality.  I saw this blurb on MSNBC about the script being delivered by guys wearing Halo outfits.   Not quite sure how I feel about this, it might be pretty cool.  Now, who to play Master Chief and Kortana (that little hologram of a computer)?


Woops, dad I didn't mean to post a picture of your Xbox 360 dev box on the Internet

Great, now I am going to have to have a talk with my son Mason.  Don’t take pictures of the stuff daddy works with at Microsoft. I had to laugh, but you never think to tell your kids not to brag or show someone the cool things you get to work with before they are released. …


Forza Motorsports: How did they do that?

I have been playing Forza for the last couple weeks.  I have to admit that this is the best racing game I have ever played.  The modifying of cars, the classes is keeps you in, it is just a great all around game. I am not as a hardcore Xbox player as I could be,…


PS3 will NOT have router capability

Looks like the guys at Sony have given up their dream of dominating the router market (through proprietary means of course).  The new PS3 will not have router functionality through its 3 gigabit ports.   I can see some advantages in terms of not having to count on random NAT traversal, but I can’t imagine…


Xbox Live, no gamer left behind

I was fortunate enough about 3 years ago to work for the Xbox Live team, where I was a hired gun to work with Telco and router (home gateway) manufacturers to make sure their stuff worked with Xbox Live when we launched the Live service.  Me and my good fiend Jim Barber (now an Xbox Live…


RANT: Unhappy with EA, BF2

I have really been looking forward to Battlefield 2 (BF2) since I played the Desert Combat mod on the original Battlefield 1942.  I installed it, and played about a week of single player games, trying to get used to flying and driving various vehicles before I went and got my butt kicked online by a…


Xbox 360, the world has no idea

The Xbox team this morning presented a first look into the Xbox 360 for Microsoft employees. Sitting here in the Denver office, watching it over web cast, I think I annoyed the people around me by saying out loud, “Wow”, “Oh my god”, and maybe a profanity or two. I wish I could say more,…