Office 365 Due Diligence and Beyond

With Office 365’s imminent release, I have moved out of services after 11 years to be part of the Office Product team’s Deployment Solution’s Group.  Our group focuses on ensuring that our partners and customers understand all the intricacies of moving from on on-premises solution to the cloud.

My group in particular is focused right now on something we call Migration Due Diligence (MDD).  We are attempting to capture all the things we have learned while deploying early adopter and beta customers and create guidance on what it will take for a new customer to get to the cloud.  As you can imagine, this can be complex especially with things like ADFS and Hybrid (the term formally known as Rich Coexistence) as well as differences between customer environments.  We hope to eventually bring our evaluation tools to the web so that small to large customers can run them and decide how hard it might be for them to get to the cloud.

I am actively involved in many ongoing deployments for big customers and I hope to continue to post suggestions and pointers on Office 365 deployments.

See you in the cloud.

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  1. Heschel says:

    Congrats on the move..

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