Automated install of Outlook Conferencing Addins

My customer (Mike Vrabel) and I got completely frustrated today in trying to find a way to deploy the Outlook Conferencing Addin for Live Meeting 2007 via SMS.  The Office web site gives you a ConfAddins_Setup.exe which is neither an MSI or provides you switches for automated install or answer file.

Some digging turned up a solution:

1. Copy confAddins_Setup.exe to a local directory on your test PC
2. Open a command prompt (if Vista make sure the command prompt is administrator elevated)
3. Using the command prompt navigate to the directory where confAddins_Setup.exe resides
4. Type the following command line   -   "confAddins_Setup.exe -out <drive>:\<folder path>"
5. Step 4 should have extracted the LMAddinPack.msi file
6. From the directory that contains LMAddinPack.msi install the Addin from the command line using the following command line  "msiexec /i <filename.msi> /qn"

You can then use the normal MSI command line switches to deploy silently, just make sure to kill Outlook on the target machine first:

msiexec /I LMAddinPack.msi APPCONFLICT=IGNORE /qn

Comments (2)

  1. Adnan Ezzi says:

    Cool, this blog was so helpful

    I wanted to deploy the Outlook Conferencing Addin using SCCM 2007.

    This blog helped me a lot


  2. William says:

    We’re trying to do this at our company.  Has anybody come up with a solution or possibly what switches could be used at the command line?

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