CES: Tuesday

I got a chance to walk through most of the show today, my frackin' feet still hurt and my shoes have been off for a few hours.

  • If you are still at CES, check out the Neonade booth, free massages.  I don't know what they do, but I saw the massage chairs
  • Dolby had a massive replica of Bumblebee the Transformer, I am going to get a picture tomorrow
  • Oh, about pictures.  The CES web site says Media cameras only.  Not true.  Everyone and their grandma has their digital cameras and camcorders out
  • Vantage point was kinda cool, it is to help you hide all the wires behind your flat screen and audio screen.  They also had an oxygen bar.
  • I want a Windows Home Server
  • The big thing at CES this year is the ultra thin LCD, just remember that the tuner and stuff isn't integrated into the display
  • Dbox is totally cool.  It is motion simulator for both couches and for car simulators.  Both the stuff for furniture and the race car is cool.  I got to do a few laps in the cars and liked it, would be nice if they could get it to work with consoles like Xbox
  • Every single flat screen demos their screens using Blue Ray, no mention of HD-DVD.  See my previous post about the death of HD-DVD.
  • THX isn't as impressive since they were sold from Lucas Film.  They were showing a cool way for input displays to pass metadata between so the display automatically adjusts to the appropriate format.  Let's hope someone notices.
  • The SYNC stuff that Fords are using in their cars is totally cool.  I hope that more manufacturers adopt it.
  • People should not text and walk.  Please pull over and text/read email.
  • I think my next major purchase will be either a Sharp Aquos or Panasonic 50" LCD

I wish I could post some pictures, but I don't have a CF reader with me.  I will post some as soon as I can.

Comments (2)

  1. Chris Fussell says:

    I’ve had a Sharp Aquos for nearly 2 years and have been very happy with it… I’m thinking about upgrading to another, larger one in fact.

    I would certainly recommend it to someone else.

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