CES: Monday Afternoon

So, I am here at CES 2008, I got a last minute push to come out for some meetings.

I don't plan on doing a blow by blow like Engadget, but I might post some cool stuff I see.  I am not actually at the show yet as I have some meetings to attend after flying in just now (4:40 pm).

So far the highlights have been:

  • Seeing Wee-man from MTV notoriety at the Denver airport
  • Listening to "The Rocket" secretly tape record his buddy that accused him of being injected with steroids, thank Frontier Airlines for the DTV
  • The Coke machines take American Express at the LV Hilton!
  • Walt Mossberg standing on the other side of the glass here at the Hilton

I am headed to the BlogHause tonight, hopefully some pictures tomorrow.

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