Transformers, go see it!

The red and blue cab of an 18 wheeler rolls into the center of the dark alley with led's and  lights blazing, Autobot logo right on the grill.  A bunch of spinning and servo sounds accompany the all too familiar whah-whah-whah-kuk sound of Transformer transformation.  Everyone knows that it is Optimus Prime, but as soon as he stands up, the crowd erupts in cheers and wolf whistles.  I get chills and get the tiniest bit emotional as I get to see a hero of my childhood, and get to see the look on my son Mason's face as he see the leader of the Autobots come to "real life".

Cheesy? Ya a bit.  But, I was just young enough in 1984 to appreciate Transformers and have some of the original toys, including the die cast Optimus Prime and Soundwave, which my son now plays with.

This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, and am tempted to say I would put it in my top ten movies ever.  Of course I have the emotional attachment to it, but it is very well done.  It has a story, great acting by Shia LaBeouf, humor, teenage love story, and of course outstanding special effects.  I really like that they kept Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime, the same as it was in the cartoons, it just added to the illusion that I was seeing my childhood buddy on screen.

Sorry for the spoiler Sean, but Jazz (the Solstice) has seen better days by the end.

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