ATT Internet problems, too many iPhones?

My customer just contacted ATT because their on-call phone hasn't been picking up email today via it's data connection.  ATT said they are having nationwide Internet problems, but didn't specify the cause.

Anyone care to take a stab at the problem?  My guess is that the surge of iPhone inter-tubbers that have never had a real browsers or Internet access has clogged everything up.

My Treo 750 hasn't been able to sync except maybe once today.  I can't imagine what havoc this is causing for business folks that are relying on their data connection today.

Apple seems to have executed beautifully on deployment, but someone forgot to let ATT know that they might have a bunch of new users and data traffic.....

Comments (2)

  1. dougthompson says:

    Since ATT and Maw Bell coupled up, I have noticed problems. One minute I may not be able to get on line, a few minutes later, it’s ok. Email, I could send massive (for me) 16 MB files as email attatchments before. Now I am lucky to get a 2 MB file to go.

    Maybe they’ll get it right ?

    Thanks dougthompson

  2. thomas metcalfe says:

    Yes I live in Tupelo MS and haven’t been able to get on the internet for about a week. This is killing my home business. And the killing part is that they will not let you speak with anyone about this matter or let you know when it would be fixed. This in my eyes is bad business. I bet they still charge for the full bill and cut nothing for it being down. So we will be paying for something and getting nothing.

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