Cool things coming to an Infrastructure near you

So, I have been at Microsoft Techready3 this week in downtown Seattle.  This is an internal Microsoft event that happens in July and January.  All technical field people (Consultants, TAM’s, Architects, and TS’s) are required to attend at least one each year.  Since I much prefer sunny Seattle in July rather than misty, cold Seattle I attend in July.

We hold this in Seattle so that product teams can drive over and show us cool stuff they are working on in the next versions.  We also have field  people present best practices and lessons learned.  I commonly attend sessions called Good, Bad, and Ugly for a particular products.

The most important aspect for me is to meet the people from the field or product team that I have emailed, chatted or talked to over the phone but never met in person.  This is sometimes entertaining as you develop a picture in your mind of what this person must look like and I am completely wrong 75% of the time.

Anyway, I am going to try and post about a couple of the cool things I saw this week, and hope I don’t give too much away.  Remember, some of the things that I describe may be pulled from products as none of them are done yet…

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