Comcast Improves, and I finish my home theatre

So, I decided to get a powered CATV amplifier for my house to see if my loosing picture with Comcast was maybe just the box saying “weak signal”.  Well, this has solved the issue of it loosing picture!  But, we are still having to power down the settops every couple weeks because it freaks out and I can’t rewind a recorded show, or we get this repetitious pixilization while watching a show.  Giving the box a 5 minute time-out seems to solve the problem, but man is it inconvenient when you are recording a show.


I got my basement finished about a year ago, with the intentions of putting together a mid range home theatre.  We didn’t want to have a dedicated room as a theatre, rather we wanted a living room that had a great screen and sound.  This allows us to keep an eye on the kids as they play in the basement in their playroom.  After a year of buying good speakers and components at cheap prices off eBay it is done.  The crowning jewels were a Mitsubishi 4000U projector and a Vutec Silverstar screen (these were by far the most expensive parts).


I had Scott from Soundhounds get the projector and screen since they are supposed to only be available through authorized dealers, although I saw the projector on  Scott got my projector and screen all dialed in, and tuned up my sound system (sound pressure meter, etc).  I highly recommend that if you are going to procure your stuff alone like me, that at some point you have someone like Scott come in and get it all tuned up properly.  If you live in Denver and need some help, tell him I sent you as he has a great referral program.  If you need a kick butt screen, also give him a call and get the Vutec screen.


Here is a picture of the completed room with components all fired up:



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