TechReady: Billg was excellent

I am here in downtown Seattle attending Microsoft's internal geek fest, this year called TechReady.  This is where most of the technical field people from Microsoft converge on one conference center and we talk about cool things people have done and products to come.  What’s even better this year is we don’t have sales people in attendance.  This means that we can go full bore on technical content without regard for the sales folks.

Bill Gates gave the keynote this morning.  Usually this is a watered down, sales/marketing pitch about where we are at, and where we are going.  Today was different, it was inspiring and technical.  Bill was great about talking about our strategy, but was all over the technical issues, he knew all of them.  His title of Chief Software Architect is so perfect, he really is hands-on and dives deep into the issues around our products.   The other thing I really liked was that he didn’t sugar coat our competition and gave kudos to companies such as Apple and Google that have done a lot of things right.

He also had an awesome spoof with John Heder as Napoleon Dynamite.  Who else would it be, gosh…


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  1. ANGIE says:

    Wow. Bill and Napoleon. HMM. Sounds awesome.

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