Documentation Error – Operations Manager Online Guide

One fine afternoon I was reviewing the Operations Manager 2007 Online Help on my Management Server to look into Custom Alert Fields.  It inaccurately states: In the Global Management Group Settings – Alerts dialog box, click New.  Click the Custom Alert Fields tab, and type the desired text in the custom fields. This text will…


Operations Manager 2007 ADMP – Missing Rules

Last week I was suprised when I uncovered that the Active Directory Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 was missing several key Event/Alert rules related to the dependency on DNS.  During the conversion process of the MOM 2005 ADMP to the OpsMgr 2007 ADMP, they didn’t make it. An example of those Events/Alert rules that are…


Installing ACS Reports

I figured I would write a quick post regarding the ACS component in Operations Manager 2007, as I sometimes see people wonder why the reports are not available after they install the ACS Database and Collector component.  The setup of the ACS Collector does not install the ACS Reports and it is not even an…


Operations Manager Reporting – Resolving Those Errors

Sometimes working with Operations Manager Reporting and SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services can be a bit frustrating or challenging because the error displayed are often ambiguous.  Some common situations I have come across are the following (including the solution): Operations Manager 2007 Reporting Setup states “SRS Validation Error.”  Check the following: That SQL Reporting Services service is…


Operations Manager 2007 Backup & Recovery Guide Released

On 6/29/2007 we released the highly sought after System Center Operations Manager 2007 Backup & Recovery Guide.  This guide provides guidance on understanding how to compliment your current disaster recovery strategy in support of Operations Manager 2007.  Such topics covered are: Understanding what to backup and why.- covers all key components and services of Operations…


HA Options for Operations Manager 2007

Operations Manager 2007 offers many options for High Availabilty over MOM 2005.  The HA options officially supported by the Product Group are the following: Operational Database – single Active/Passive database cluster. Root Management Server (RMS) – single Active/Passive Root Management Server Cluster or single Active/Passive Operational Database & RMS Cluster where both components are on the same node of the cluster. …


Release Management 101

Commonly I come across a scenario with customers where they focus on implementing MOM/OpsMgr, yet do not think about process in relation to the tools.  A prime example with Operations Manager or MOM is with Management Packs and Release Management – Plan, Build, Test, Review and Deploy (simply speaking).  You can’t just simply download a…


New Releases for Operations Manager 2007

This week we released the Windows Vista Client Monitoring Management Pack.  This new management pack is built on the Windows Diagnostics Infrastructure in Windows Vista that detects, diagnoses and tries to resolve hardware and software problems. Information and analysis on the issues that the system detected are collected by the MP through an agent on…


OpsMgr 2007 Installation Notes

I have seen a few pots on some of the Management Community blogs regarding SCOM 2007 supporting Windows Server 2003 SP2 and SQL Server 2005 SP2.  Both are supported and I can confirm through my own testing that it installs and runs successfully at this time.  Some have stated they have run across an error when…


New System Center Operations Manager 2007 Webcasts Available

New webcasts for Operations Manager 2007 have been posted up on covering topics from client monitoring configuration, authoring transition for MOM 2005 MP authors, AD integration, and much more. There are now 25 videos to help you learn Operations Manager 2007.