Exchange 2010 Reports MP Bug

A couple of fellow colleagues in MCS (Paul Bishop & Jason Rydstrand) a while back had identified a significant bug in the latest version of the Exchange 2010 management pack, which will cause severe growth of two tables in the data warehouse DB in an enterprise deployment of Exchange 2010 and Operations Manager.  This affects both OM…


Updated AD Group Membership Custom MP

  Several years ago, a colleague of mine Steve Rachui blogged about a custom management pack template supporting the scenario of allow discovery of AD Security Group membership for agent-managed Windows systems.  Recently I was working with this management pack for a customer and identified an opportunity to make minor optimizations to the logic of the…


Extended Exchange 2010 Management Pack released on TechNet Gallery

Today I published on the TechNet Gallery, a custom management pack for providing additional montoring of Exchange Server 2010 with Operations Manager 2007 R2 and 2012.  The following new features are new in this release of the Extended Exchange Server 2010 Management Pack: Includes performance collection rules to sample performance data from the Client Access…


Custom Operations Manager Reports

Based off of a recognized demand, I developed a management pack that provides three key reports for Operators and Administrators to leverage.  These reports were based off of queries developed by Kevin Holman and Jonathan Almquist and tuned to support these reports.  The three reports that I have included in this MP are: Maintenance Mode…


SharePoint 2010 Multi-Farm Monitoring

Hello and Happy New Year! Today’s topic is regarding the setup of the SharePoint 2010 Foundation management pack in support of multi-farm monitoring with Operations Manager.  This is a common topic that many people have questions about and some of the blog posts regarding it are not entirely accurate.  My hope here is to help…


MPViewer Exports on OPSMANJAM.COM

You probably have noticed that the MPViewer HTML exports for our management packs that were released “back in the day” have not been kept up to date, nor provided for new MP’s released in the library on the OpsManJam website.   Due to the busy work schedule of the UA team who manages the content on…


Windows Server 2003/2008 MP - Default Unit Monitor Config

Here is another Excel spreadsheet from MPViewer that I edited to provide a detailed breakdown of all the Unit Monitors in the Windows Server 2008  management pack.  While the attached spreadsheet is specific to Windows Server 2008, it also applies to 2003.  If you find any errors or have questions, please feel free to contact me. Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.Monitoring.xls


SQL Server 2005/2008 MP – Default Unit Monitor Config

As you are probably aware, the Deployment Guides that compliment each management pack released by Microsoft do not go into detail highlighting the configuration of all unit monitors defined in a given MP.  This can be a challenge when you are working with a service or application owner where they want to understand what the…


Management Pack Released - Maintenance Mode

Last week on my Maintenance Mode management pack was published.  However, shortly after releasing it I discovered a couple of bugs, one of which prevents maintenance mode from starting against your targetted set of systems (pretty bad bug) intermitently.  I have addressed those bugs, refined the PowerShell script used, and even added a couple…


Extended SQL Server MP Released on OpsManJam

As promised, I finally finished and submitted the Extended SQL Server 2005/2008 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 and it is now available for download on OpsManJam.   This management pack augments the existing Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 management pack by monitoring for the following change in your environment: A database mirroring event has been detected…