Windows DNS 2003/2008 MP – Default Unit Monitor Config

Here is another Excel spreadsheet from MPViewer that I edited to provide a detailed breakdown of all the Unit Monitors in the Windows DNS 2008  management pack.  While the attached spreadsheet is specific to Windows DNS 2008, it also applies to 2003.

If you find any errors or have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Comments (2)

  1. Ramesh says:

    Thanks Matt – This is very useful. BTW, how did you get the monitor configuration details in your excel sheet? MP Viewer doesn't export them – does it?

  2. Matt Goedtel says:

    Hi Ramesh,

    No, MPViewer unfortunately does not include this detailed information when it exports the data.  Most of it is by way of manually entering it, some of the performance data I use a PowerShell script.  I have been meaning to sit down and take some time to design an approach using a SQL Query or other automated method to pull this data out of the database.  I just need to lock myself in a room and make the time to focus on this.

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