SQL Server 2005/2008 MP – Default Unit Monitor Config

As you are probably aware, the Deployment Guides that compliment each management pack released by Microsoft do not go into detail highlighting the configuration of all unit monitors defined in a given MP.  This can be a challenge when you are working with a service or application owner where they want to understand what the MP does and how it is configured out of the box, and not have to go through the tiring effort of sitting in-front of the Authoring or Operations Console to review each one.  Remember, it is not recommended to blindly import management packs into our production management group, otherwise alert storms and other implications will negatively affect Operations Manager and your incident/problem management processes. 

While MPViewer helps provide some of the properties the rules, monitors, tasks, etc. in an MP, it does not break out the default configuration of each unit monitor in detail.    This is something unfortunately that MPViewer is not designed to produce when you view or save the management pack configuration settings; however licensed tools such as Silect MP Studio can.   Anyway, back to the heart of the story here.  I have modified the output from MPViewer and added another column with the details for each respective unit monitor from the SQL Server 2005/2008 Monitoring MP.  This was done based on popular demand from my customers and internal colleagues and I determined this is too valuable not to share with the public. 

While the attached spreadsheet is specific to SQL 2008, it also applies to SQL 2005.  I am in the process of doing the same for the Active Directory Management Pack, and should have that done tomorrow evening.  I will see if I can commit to doing one of our product management packs per week, based on demand. 


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