Extended SQL Server MP Released on OpsManJam

As promised, I finally finished and submitted the Extended SQL Server 2005/2008 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 and it is now available for download on OpsManJam.  

This management pack augments the existing Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 management pack by monitoring for the following change in your environment:

  • A database mirroring event has been detected on the principal server, affecting replication of the database transaction logs between principal and its mirroring partner based on user-defined performance thresholds for that mirrored database instance.

  • Performance collection of key database mirroring performance counters for viewing in performance views inculded with this management pack, or referencing in a performance report.

This management pack was developed referencing the latest version of the Operations Manager 2007 SQL Server Management Pack, version 6.0.6569.0. 


After my short break, I'll begin working on the next version of this management pack, which will include a health model and monitoring of the health of a mirrored database.  Hopefully I can turn this around withina  reasonable timeframe.  As always, I encourage and appreciate your feedback.

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