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It has been quite some time since I have posted anything of relevance on my blog.  I have been focused on updating some of the management packs that I published a few months ago, such as:

  • Extended Windows Server Active Directory

  • Extended Windows Server

  • System Center Configuration Manager OSD

In addition, I was developing some new custom management packs, such as:

  • Extended Windows Server Internet Information Services 2003

  • Extended SQL Server 2005/2008

  • Alachisoft NCache 3.x

All of these MP's, with exception of the Alachisoft and Extended SQL Server MP's, have been published on OpsManJam Library, under Management Packs.  The Alachisoft NCache MP is undergoing an internal review and should be published this week or next.  I am currently putting the finishing touches on the custom Extended SQL Server 2005/2008, which will provide the following features:

  1. Provides basic monitoring of specific events when you have database mirroring enabled on specific databases hosted on your SQL 2005/2008 server.

  2. Collects specific performance data related to database mirroring to view in the Console.

  3. Monitors for an event condition when a database filegroup runs out of disk space (such as when AUTOGROW is not enabled, insufficient disk space, etc.)

So I have this first version complete and am currently drafting the deployment guide.  I should have it completed by the weekend and submitted for publishing on OpsManJam next week.  The next version of this MP that I am preparing to develop, will look to provide more advanced health monitoring for database mirroring. 

From now on, all custom MP's that I develop will be published on OpsManJam and not on my blog. 


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