Operations Manager 2007 Performance Monitoring Management Pack

I just completed the deployment guide for this custom management pack that Walter and I have been working on.  It is now ready for you to download and evaluate. 

DescriptionThis management pack provides performance views and dashboards to present key performance data from the SQL Server(s) hosting one or all of the Operations Manager databases.

What this management pack does not do is proactively monitor and alert/change health state if the SQL Servers are not operating reliably.  This is something that I am currently evaluating as a possibility for the next version, in addition to supporting dynamic membership so that we can automatically discover the Windows Server(s) hosting SQL Server 2005 and the Operations Manager (operational, data warehouse, and audit) databases.  If time can be found, I'll look to devote some effort towards developing the next version.  One of the things I wished I had more time to focus on was the discovery and targeting of views/rules dynamically for the operational database, due to the way discovery and targeting is configured in Operations Manager today.  That is a topic I don't have time to discuss further right now, sadly.

Limited testing of this management pack has been conducted by myself and Walter. 

Feedback is encouraged.

OpsMgr Perf Monitoring for OpsMgr MP_v6062781.zip

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