Operations Manager 2007 Backup & Recovery Guide Released

On 6/29/2007 we released the highly sought after System Center Operations Manager 2007 Backup & Recovery Guide.  This guide provides guidance on understanding how to compliment your current disaster recovery strategy in support of Operations Manager 2007.  Such topics covered are:

  1. Understanding what to backup and why.- covers all key components and services of Operations Manager 2007.

  2. Effects of Failure - Summarizes impact to your Management Group and high-level steps in recovering that component or service.

  3. How to backup and restore the OperationsManager database.

  4. How to move the OperationsManager database to a different SQL Server.

  5. How to backup the Root Management Server - specifically the Secure Encryption Key..

  6. Backup and restoring the IIS 6.0 metabase.

  7. Backup Custom Management Packs

This is the first version of this guide and we intend on continuing to update it with new information such as:

  1. Move the OperationsManagerDW (Reporting Data Warehouse) to a different SQL Server.

  2. Move the OperationsManagerAC (Audit Collection Database) to a different SQL Server.

Other scenarios that you would encounter in your enterprise will be covered as well.  After I take a short break from getting this out the door (as I was one of the key authors on this document), I'll start working on the next version.

You can download it from here - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/opsmgr/bb498235.aspx

Stay tuned and be sure to provide your feedback once you review the document.


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