HA Options for Operations Manager 2007

Operations Manager 2007 offers many options for High Availabilty over MOM 2005.  The HA options officially supported by the Product Group are the following:

  • Operational Database - single Active/Passive database cluster.

  • Root Management Server (RMS) - single Active/Passive Root Management Server Cluster or single Active/Passive Operational Database & RMS Cluster where both components are on the same node of the cluster.  In addition, if you choose not to cluster the RMS, you can promote another Management Server to become the RMS.  Remember, you must backup up the encrypted security key on the RMS after it is built, otherwise you loose the Run As security configuration settings defined on the RMS and you will be spending time re-configuring this information.

  • Management Server - no different than MOM 2005.  Install more than one in your management group to provide for agent failover.

  • Agents - no different than MOM 2005.

  • Console - you can install up to 50 consoles within a  management group.  As long as you have more than one installed in your management group, then you will have no issue with continuation of operations monitoring and administration (since we are dealing with one console now and not two like MOM 2005).

  • Data Warehouse - single Active/Passive dataabse cluster.

  • Audit Database (ACS) - single Active/Passive database cluster.

  • ACS Forwarder - ACS agents will fail over to any ACS Management Server in the management group, but remember that each ACS Management Server must have its own ACS database in order for failover to work.  One approach is to have two management groups defined strictly for ACS and you can configure Agent failover (albiet manually) between the two ACS Collectors.

  • Gateway Server (GWS) - You can have more than one installed in an untrusted domain/forest and you can configure a Gateway Server to communicate with any Management Server in the management group.  A Gatway Server can be configured to failover to multiple Management Servers if necesary.

An official guide will be released shortly that will provide details on how to configure the HA options for OpsMgr server roles or components.  Stay tuned!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You mentioned an "offical guide" on HA options would be coming out shortly.  Has one been released yet?


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