ITIL = Process = Common Sense

As you may or may not know, ITIL is all about best practices for IT Service Management with three key tenants:

  1. Align IT Service with the current/future needs of the business or customer.

  2. Improve quality of IT Service delivered

  3. Reduce overall cost of services delivered

This is nothing more than sound practical judgement, hence my title ending with the word "Common Sense."  It just amazes me that these concepts are foreign to individuals within Information Technology.  Maybe that is viewed as a harsh comment, but by golly what I witness time and again are individuals who fail to recognize the fact that we are here to support the business and need to have that customer mindset in all we do.  No longer is IT in the driver seat as it used to be (when I first started in IT back in the early 90's) controlling everything. Now IT is an enabler for the business and must support the business initatives or else the business will look elsewhere (such as outsourcing, which is why I consider it such a "fad" these days). 

 As a representative of your IT organization, I strongly recommend you open your mind and focus on being customer centric.  In my opinion, you further mature and help to improve effectiveness and efficiency within IT.  Not only that, but your chances for job security and promotion increase.  🙂

 Check out the IT Foundation Certification or just start reading about ITIL here - or here -



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