Announcing the Message Analyzer 1.1 Release!

We’ve been working hard and are proud to announce Message Analyzer 1.1. The list of new features are summarized below, but it’s impossible to list everything. So stay tuned for more details from the blog as we add more information to help you discover how to most effectively use the new version. You can find…


Meet the successor to Microsoft Network Monitor!

It’s a very exciting week for me and my team!  This week I’m attending the SNIA SDC 2012 conference in Santa Clara, CA and this is where we will announce Message Analyzer.  There are so many new features and aspects to discuss, but for now I’ll leave you with the official announcement: Microsoft Message Analyzer…


Post Decryption of TLS/SSL traffic

The Network Monitor Decryption expert was a very popular tool, so we decided to integrate it into Message Analyzer. To accompany this blog, I’ve also created this video. Today you can capture the traffic before it is encrypted using the Unencrypted HTTPS scenario from the Quick Trace menu. This requires you install the Fiddler Core…


Announcing Message Analyzer 1.2

Introducing the next version of Message Analyzer which includes highly requested features like “Goto (Ctrl+G)” and “Find Conversation/Follow the Stream” along with the “Conversation Tree” from Network Monitor. Plus there’s a ton of smaller fixes and performance improvements. Updates and Features Grouping Viewer – Enables you to group and summarize messages by different fields. Selecting…


Message Analyzer has Released – A New Beginning

We are excited to announce the official release of Message Analyzer to the Microsoft Download Center. Sci-Fi movie references aside, this really is a new beginning for troubleshooting and analysis. Message Analyzer brings a set of new ideas, new techniques, and new paradigms in order to make analysis of protocols, log files, and system events…


Microsoft Message Analyzer Beta 2 is released (build 5950)!

Install the Beta 2 version from here:  You’ll need to be a member of our connection. This release adds a range of new functionality and resolves a number of bugs: · IntelliSense UI for filter creation – As one of the most requested features, Filter IntelliSense is now available for exploring protocol message hierarchies…


Network Capture is Dead!

Long Live Capture! In this continuing series of differences between Message Analyzer and Network Monitor, we’ll explore the trace capture experience. I reference the iconic cliché because Message Analyzer (note not Network Analyzer) is about exploring any kind of structured message data. Capturing falls in line because we don’t just capture network traffic, but any…


Message Analyzer 1.3.1 Update Released

A major feature, released with little fanfare, was telemetry for Message Analyzer. Key to understanding user behavior and exceptions, this telemetry has provided us with a wealth of data. So we decided to act as fast as possible and release a new version, Message Analyzer 1.3.1, to address some of the most important issues. Most…


Message Analyzer 1.3 has Released (Build 7540)

This release of Message Analyzer 1.3 reveals a new streamlined user experience focusing on simplifying some common tasks. We reviewed all your feedback as well as interviewed users, which has to be a tremendous help. As always, we continue to listen and incrementally ship new versions. You won’t have to wait too long to pick-up…


Message Analyzer v1.3 vs Network Monitor v3.4

by Greg Gille Message Analyzer uses some new approaches to capturing and analyzing traffic that includes limiting network noise and exposing at top-level the issues that occur at lower levels. This enables you to immediately see the most important information for any particular message exposed at top-level in the primary analysis surface, the Analysis Grid….