Message Analyzer v1.3 vs Network Monitor v3.4

by Greg Gille Message Analyzer uses some new approaches to capturing and analyzing traffic that includes limiting network noise and exposing at top-level the issues that occur at lower levels. This enables you to immediately see the most important information for any particular message exposed at top-level in the primary analysis surface, the Analysis Grid….


Relating and Correlating Data Sources

We often talk about correlation with Message Analyzer. The word relating might be a more simple word to describe the process of taking two different logs or traces and making sense of them together. Let’s discuss how Message Analyzer helps you accomplish correlation of different data sources. Correlate What? Messages often expose key elements in…


Memory Usage with Message Analyzer

Trace data can be vast. 4GB ETL files aren’t rare, and network traffic is infinite in variation. Let’s discover some ways to address memory issues when dealing with large traces. Memory Garbage Collection Options Garbage collection is a memory management technique that automatically reclaims memory that is no longer in use by the program. Message…