Anne Nelson discusses troubleshooting Exchange with Message Analyzer

Anne Nelson discusses how to use Message Analyzer to replace RPC Extractor (RPX) in her detailed blog. If you are interested in troubleshooting Exchange, please take a look. Hope you enjoy!


Read Kazuo’s post about Message Analyzer and Security Event Logs

Kazuo is a Premier Field Engineer who has written a post about Message Analyzer.  As I understand it, Japanese readers will be able to read it natively as well, but for folks like me, we get the English version.  The blog details how to use Message Analyzer to troubleshoot Event Logs and extract information about…


Selection Tool Window

Because Message Analyzer enables you to see multiple views of the same data in a session and message selection is globally shared across all data viewers that are common to a particular session, you can use the Selection Tool Window to track messages that you select in any session data viewer. For example, if you…


Agenda is announced for Shanghai Interop Dev Days 2015!

by Bailey Chauner The agenda for Shanghai Interop Dev Days 2015 is released! Comprised of both lectures and interactive workshops, Shanghai Interop Dev Days 2015 gives attendees the opportunity to discover, learn, and develop using Microsoft products. Reserve your seat today! Register Today!


Parse As – When a Protocol Doesn’t Use a Standard Port

It’s is a fairly common practice to use non-standard ports in protocol communications, such as port 12345 instead of port 1433 for SQL communications with the TDS protocol. HTTP, RDP, TLS, and LDAP are some of the more common protocols that system administrators typically configure to use alternate ports, in some cases to limit exposure…


Microsoft invites you to Shanghai Interop Dev Days 2015!

by Bailey Chauner Developer Event. Students, professionals, and coders welcome.  Two Days. October 20 – 21, 2015 Shanghai Marriott City Center  Free.  Register Now! Join Us    Microsoft Office’s user base is over 1.2 billion strong and represents one of the most strategic developer surface areas. Be competitive and learn how to innovate with the Office…


Diagnosing Network Issues with the New Pattern Match Viewer

Another recent improvement in Message Analyzer 1.3 is the Pattern Match viewer. We’ve updated the user interface (UI), which should enable you to get started with configuring and finding sequential patterns in your data more effectively. This article shows you how to open the Pattern Match viewer and then provides a review of the new…


Message Analyzer 1.3.1 Update Released

A major feature, released with little fanfare, was telemetry for Message Analyzer. Key to understanding user behavior and exceptions, this telemetry has provided us with a wealth of data. So we decided to act as fast as possible and release a new version, Message Analyzer 1.3.1, to address some of the most important issues. Most…


Message Analyzer v1.3 vs Network Monitor v3.4

by Greg Gille Message Analyzer uses some new approaches to capturing and analyzing traffic that includes limiting network noise and exposing at top-level the issues that occur at lower levels. This enables you to immediately see the most important information for any particular message exposed at top-level in the primary analysis surface, the Analysis Grid….


Relating and Correlating Data Sources

We often talk about correlation with Message Analyzer. The word relating might be a more simple word to describe the process of taking two different logs or traces and making sense of them together. Let’s discuss how Message Analyzer helps you accomplish correlation of different data sources. Correlate What? Messages often expose key elements in…