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by Greg Gille

If you have problems, concerns, questions, or suggestions about the Microsoft Message Analyzer Operating Guide documentation on TechNet, you can now receive direct feedback from Microsoft on your issue. To do so, you can use the Message Analyzer Wiki to report your documentation issue. As long as you include a “Message Analyzer” tag in the tags list with your posting, we will be able to find your article, address your questions, and provide the requested feedback.

On the Wiki site, instructions are provided on how you can provide feedback, ask questions, make comments, and so on. The goal of the Wiki site is to improve the Message Analyzer Operating Guide topics as needed, based on direct user feedback and interaction. This gives you a chance to get personalized feedback on issues you may have with the Operating Guide content, for example, areas that are unclear and might need further explanation. Suggestions on how to improve the Operating Guide are welcomed. In addition, feedback on what we are doing right is also appreciated. Your feedback is highly valued, as it is the primary means for us to make improvements that work for you; so please take the time to respond and let us know how we can help.

Future Wiki Uses

Going forward, the Wiki Site will provide the means to discover and share new methods for analyzing network protocol and system messages, by using the tools, assets, and capabilities that Message Analyzer provides.  To that end, we plan to provide one or more of the following on this site in the near future:

  • Frequently asked questions for Network Monitor users.
  • Proposed solutions for some common troubleshooting scenarios that you can try out and contribute to, such as name resolution, HTTP performance, and TCP diagnostics.
  • Instructions about how to create useful Message Analyzer graphic Charts for data visualization. We will also link off to working examples.
  • A space for Message Analyzer users to share information about their successes or difficulties in using Message Analyzer assets such as Filters, Viewpoints, View Layouts, Color Rules, Trace Scenarios, Sequence Expressions, Charts, and so on, to resolve real world troubleshooting issues.

Suggested Uses

Lastly, if you have a suggestion about additional processes, tasks, or examples that you would like to see covered on the Wiki, please let us know and we will work on seeding some content. Simply sign in to the Wiki, click Post an Article and let us know your thoughts !

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