Office and SharePoint Plug-fest Video

Microsoft does a reoccurring plug-fest with our partners and recently I came across this video, which discusses how to setup and use the Office parsers. It also has examples of how to capture and decode the traffic for some simple cases, and I think some folks will find it useful. There is also a Message Analyzer video I did at the same plug-fest, which you might also find helpful. But please be warned, we were using an older version of Message Analyzer back then, but many things are still relevant.

Comments (2)

  1. Paul E Long says:

    If you go to the Start Page and select DOWNLOADS, you’ll see a list of all assets. In the list you should see "Exchange Web Services 1.1", "Exchange ActiveSync 1.1", and "Office and SharePoint 1.1." You can download and keep these parsers in sync by pressing
    the icon to the right. This will give a you a choice to download, or download and keep in sync. Once you do this, you must restart Message Analyzer to update the parsers.


  2. Kevin Patterson says:

    So where do I get the additional parsers from? I’m using the 64-bit version and I don’t see them.

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