It’s About Time…the Property

Little by little we are improving the experience with time and your data. One new small tip is that you can now configure the time column to remove the date which makes it shorter. Just right click the column header and select “Show Time Only”. Afterwards, you get a shorter timestamp column allowing you to…


Message Analyzer TechNet Wiki

by Greg Gille If you have problems, concerns, questions, or suggestions about the Microsoft Message Analyzer Operating Guide documentation on TechNet, you can now receive direct feedback from Microsoft on your issue. To do so, you can use the Message Analyzer Wiki to report your documentation issue. As long as you include a “Message Analyzer”…


Office and SharePoint Plug-fest Video

Microsoft does a reoccurring plug-fest with our partners and recently I came across this video, which discusses how to setup and use the Office parsers. It also has examples of how to capture and decode the traffic for some simple cases, and I think some folks will find it useful. There is also a Message…


Post Decryption of TLS/SSL traffic

The Network Monitor Decryption expert was a very popular tool, so we decided to integrate it into Message Analyzer. To accompany this blog, I’ve also created this video. Today you can capture the traffic before it is encrypted using the Unencrypted HTTPS scenario from the Quick Trace menu. This requires you install the Fiddler Core…


Message Analyzer Performance

Today I would like to talk about both perceived performance and performance. In v1.1, we focused a lot on performance with Message Analyzer. In my daily use, I have found it to be much faster in the filtering and loading department in most situations. This is due to optimizations we have made to the order…


Announcing the Message Analyzer 1.1 Release!

We’ve been working hard and are proud to announce Message Analyzer 1.1. The list of new features are summarized below, but it’s impossible to list everything. So stay tuned for more details from the blog as we add more information to help you discover how to most effectively use the new version. You can find…


Top Tips and Tricks with Message Analyzer

I’ve collected a list of simple tips and tricks that I’d like to share with you. They provide simple techniques that you can apply to any problem. Search for Text Filtering is very powerful. In the centralized Filter Library, there are many examples that can help you learn the filtering language. Although at times, you…


Needle in a Hayfield of Haystacks

Your customer is down and your task is to understand why. You’ve been graciously supplied 8 gigs of traces, text logs, sniffs, captures, syslogs, configurations, ad nauseam. Even these have been curated from terabytes of available trace data. The names and formats are different, but they all correlate to the time period during the problem…


ISP (Irritates Some People) Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting an issue with your internet provider can try anyone’s patience. Though for me, it’s challenging because I know some of the steps they are scripted to use are not relevant. This article is a tale of how Message Analyzer cut a troubleshooting session short, and saved me valuable time. My Internet is Slow If…


New Year with New Defrag Tools Videos

I did some short episodes on Defrag Tools. Altogether, there will be 3 and I will update the blog (updated) with the third after it airs. These provide simple background information to help new Message Analyzer users. I hope you find them useful. Enjoy!