Microsoft Message Analyzer Beta 2 is released (build 5950)!

Install the Beta 2 version from here:  You’ll need to be a member of our connection.

This release adds a range of new functionality and resolves a number of bugs:

· IntelliSense UI for filter creation – As one of the most requested features, Filter IntelliSense is now available for exploring protocol message hierarchies to find the fields you need to build filter expressions. The capabilities are vastly improved compared to Network Monitor, now displaying protocols, messages, fields, structures, properties, annotations and more!


· Quick filter - Quick filtering makes it easy to create a time window in which to view trace results!   Unlike BSV, it filters messages in memory after loading them instead of during import.  Just select the traces you want, adjust the time slider as needed, and you are done.  It’s that easy.


· Capture firewall discard events – This feature allows you to discover how the firewall is affecting network traffic.  New messages tell you when traffic is blocked and associated IDs point to the specific firewall rule responsible for dropping the message.

· OPN Viewer – You can right click on any field and select Go to Definition to view the field’s OPN definition.  This feature provides the equivalent functionality of the NPL Viewer in Network Monitor 3.4.


· Parsing REST Protocols – This feature enables you to diagnose and analyze RESTful web services.  RESTful web services are one of the fastest growing network areas.

· Performance improvements:

o   Message Analyzer startup time has improved by over 50%.

o   Sorting on selected column has improved by 60%.

o   Grouping has improved by 30%

o   Parsing after the initial load has improved by up to 15%, depending upon the protocol type.

Message Analyzer also presents  exciting graphic viewer features that are still under development, but we would like to share them with you now to get your initial feedback:

· Gantt viewer – Do you need to see a bird’s eye view of your message traffic?  Message Analyzer now includes a highly customizable Gantt Viewer that provides easy-to-use navigation, zooming, and the ability to drill down into further details, as necessary.


· Console viewer provides an interactive command-line interface for filtering, sorting, grouping, and viewing messages collections.

Microsoft is providing the Beta 2 release to give you the opportunity to provide feedback so we can continue to make improvements on the new features as we drive towards our upcoming RTM.

Please install Message Analyzer Beta 2, take it for a spin, and send us your feedback!

Comments (19)

  1. Paul E Long says:

    The download should available to everybody who has joined our connection.  I did a search of our memebers and do see 2 Wolfgang M's and 9 Nicolas D's and countless numbers of Roger's πŸ™‚  

    We have reports that say thousands of you have downloaded Beta 2, so I suppose we need to figure out what's unique about your situation.  When you go to the Directory, I suppose your status for the "Message Analyzer, Network Monitor and Protocol Test Suite" only gives you the option to Quit?

    Perhaps you can contact me directly and we can invetigate each case?



  2. Paul E Long says:

    Sorry, I meant awareness πŸ™‚

  3. Paul E Long says:

    tbbbb, today there is no way to resolve traffic to DNS names or to the traffic in the trace.  But we do understand this is a popular feature.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I believe I have correctly joined, given I have the option to "Quit" for both of the "Message Analyzer" products in my Dashboard, however, I just get "Page Not Found" "The content that you requested cannot be found or you do not have permission to view it." errors when I tried to download anything.  Definitely excited to test Message Analyzer out, so hopefully someone knows what I'm doing wrong.  Thanks!

    Bryce S.

  5. Paul E Long says:

    I've updated the public connect page to supply more information I think should help.  Might also write a blog to raise alertness.


  6. Paul E Long says:

    You'll need to join our connection to see the download.  Please check out the Directory an make sure you are part of the "Message Analyzer, Network Monitor and Protocol Test Suites" Product.  There are several different products you could join which will present different downloads.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Paul – looks great so far.  I hope you can roll that in, only because it always seems to fall back to "well, which device was doing that?!"  πŸ˜‰  Keep up the good work!

  8. Paul E Long says:

    I was told that there was a cache issue on Friday.  Apparently if you've newly joined the program and then try to access assets, you may get an error for 5-10 minutes.  Is it possible this problem explains you issue.  Do you still have problems today?


  9. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty cool.  Is there a way to resolve Source and Destination to DNS hosts during or after trace?   I did not see the option in the configuration – I'm guessing this is a pending feature?

  10. Tp says:

    Does the NMDecrypt tool work with this?

  11. Roger says:

    Hi Paul

    I am a connected user but no Message Analyser Beta 2.

    Did you take it back?



  12. Nicolas D. says:


    No Message Analyser Beta 2 πŸ™

    Last release in the download page is 11/11/2012 (parsers for nm)

    That's like if I could see a cool new video game in a store game behind a glasses with no way to buy it. Torture is the word.

  13. Wolfgang M. says:

    Hi there,

    I'm a connected user too. But also no Message Analyzer download.

    Cheers Wolfgang

  14. Nicolas D. says:

    Thanks Paul,

    Effectively, the problem came I was not member of the connection. (I thought having an account on microsoft connect was enough)

    The curious thing was that everything appeared inside Download exept the message analyzer !!

    But now, I'm able to play ! thanks !!

  15. sf_234sdf says:

    same as above,pls check again

    2013/2/12 Message Analyzer Beta2 x64   4.0.5950.0…/DownloadDetails.aspx

    "Page Not Found""The content that you requested cannot be found or you do not have permission to view it"

  16. Jp says:

    Can you point me towards the documentation/user guide/how-to's for this application please?

  17. sf_234sdf says:

    Thanks Paul,Now it works.

  18. download NOT available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    There are just a bunch of Network Monitor 3.4 Parsers

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