Capturing Traffic Remotely on Windows 10 IoT Core

You can use Message Analyzer to capture and display traffic from a Windows 10 IoT Core device using the Remote Capture functionality.  Please visit this page on the Windows Dev Center for all the details.  Enjoy!


Attend the Redmond Plugfest – a Microsoft event centered around Open Specifications, Interoperability, and Extensibility

This June, Office, SQL, and Windows interoperability teams are collaborating to bring you the latest in Open Specifications’ updates as well topics such as Office developer opportunities, data developer opportunities using SQL Server, and Windows Nano Server. Attendees have the opportunity to utilize Office testing tools during the Plugfest. SQL will not be testing during…


How to Plug into Message Analyzer Parsers

Message Analyzer has an open plug-in model of which developers can take advantage to parse network payloads they might provide as part of ETW logging. By simply providing a payload as a field of your ETW data, Message Analyzer can parse the payload starting at any layer of the network stack. Open Protocol Notation OPN…


Message Analyzer Videos – Two More

I’ve published 2 more videos on our YouTube Message Analyzer channel, which now makes for a total of 7.  The two latest videos are: Remote Capture with Message Analyzer Troubleshooting Slow with Message Analyzer For a shortcut to the videos, you can use  Also, the videos are just a click a way by using…


Announcing Microsoft Message Analyzer 1.4

Today we are pleased to announce the Message Analyzer 1.4 release, which specifically focuses on customer feedback, telemetry, and survey data. If you are upgrading from a previous version, Message Analyzer will remember your layouts, recent files, filter history, and so on. However, this means you won’t see the new Profile Layouts mentioned below. If…


Anne Nelson discusses troubleshooting Exchange with Message Analyzer

Anne Nelson discusses how to use Message Analyzer to replace RPC Extractor (RPX) in her detailed blog. If you are interested in troubleshooting Exchange, please take a look. Hope you enjoy!


Read Kazuo’s post about Message Analyzer and Security Event Logs

Kazuo is a Premier Field Engineer who has written a post about Message Analyzer.  As I understand it, Japanese readers will be able to read it natively as well, but for folks like me, we get the English version.  The blog details how to use Message Analyzer to troubleshoot Event Logs and extract information about…


Selection Tool Window

Because Message Analyzer enables you to see multiple views of the same data in a session and message selection is globally shared across all data viewers that are common to a particular session, you can use the Selection Tool Window to track messages that you select in any session data viewer. For example, if you…


Agenda is announced for Shanghai Interop Dev Days 2015!

by Bailey Chauner The agenda for Shanghai Interop Dev Days 2015 is released! Comprised of both lectures and interactive workshops, Shanghai Interop Dev Days 2015 gives attendees the opportunity to discover, learn, and develop using Microsoft products. Reserve your seat today! Register Today!