Sponsor Jane Lewis

Hi all,        My good friend and colleague Jane is off to Madagascar for a charity cycle ride, please support here by clicking on the following link: https://secure.justgiving.com/rss/GetFundraisingBadge.asp?eventgivinggroupid=1336885&from=UKSponsorExit     Thanks  🙂

Free Development tools from Microsoft for Students

I came across this today and figured that you may all want to hear about it.  Are you a registered student?  do you want to start demonstrating your programming skills but can’t afford products like XNA game studio or Visual Studio.. Well look no further, Microsoft are now giving the stuff away.  Check out http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/press/2008/feb08/02-18GSDPR.mspx?rss_fdn=Press%20Releases

Poster Central

Hi all,           Ever wanted a change in decor in your house? rather than boring old patterned wallpaper, what about getting some great posters with core components of specific technologies to put in their place…  amaze your friends, impress your spouse..   check out the technical posters from Microsoft.  🙂   Overview Link Exchange http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=FDCDF6E5-DE47-4B58-8086-282101BCDDE9&displaylang=en Active…


Where is the MCSE for Windows 2008?

Well, this is an interesting subject, as many of you know there is not an MCSE for the Windows 2008 family and it has been replaced with a new exciting qualification. So, Let’s have a look at some of the new details, We have four new(ish) qualifications that we could aim for, namely the Microsoft…


Delays Delays Delays

Hi All,     Sorry for the long gap in updating my blog, unfortunatly I have been really busy lately.  However, my absence from blogging has finally come to an end.   Mark

Private Live Search server? Give me some please!!!

Ever wanted the power of MS Live search on your internal network? Well no is your chance, MS has launched a new product called Enterprise Search that Administrators can install on one of their servers and it will take care of the rest..    I urge you to have a look:  http://www.microsoft.com/enterprisesearch/

Windows Live Launches!

It has just been announced that Windows Live has now been launched, “what is it?” I hear you say? , well it means that you will get the following software for free:  New Mail client to access multiple email accounts at the same time New version of the Messenger A new photo gallery tool Live writer (for…

Welcome to the "MY News" Page

If you have trouble sleeping and just want to find out what I am up to these days, then check this out!

Its my Birthday!

     Hi All you blog lovers out there!.  This is my first post (of many) to my new blog site.  This site will be useful for anyone with an interest in Platform technologies of the Microsoft ilk.  I figured that as I am about to get one year older, it is time for me…