RODC connection object is goes AWOL

If the RODC connection object goes Absent With Out Leave (AWOL) then there are some steps to recover it, taken from the Ask the Directory Services Team’s Blog site ( RODCs require a special flag on their connection objects for SYSVOL replication to work. If not present, SYSVOL will not work for FRS or DFSR. To fix…


Poster Win 8 app, available now

A new Windows 8 app is now available to enable you to see all the technical spec posters that we used to have to print out on A3.   If you’re running Windows 8, you can get it from the Windows Store here:   thanks Martin (aka the poster guy 🙂

Event ID: 12294 Woes

I came across this great error today at a customer site: Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: SAMEvent Category: NoneEvent ID: 12294Date: 3/3/2003Time: 9:42:55 AMUser: (USERNAME)Computer: (COMPUTERNAME)Description:The SAM database was unable to lockout the account of ? due to a resource error, such as a hard disk write failure (the specific error code is in the error…


UserAccountControl flags

I was messing today with a small script to read the UserAccountControl flags of an Active Directory domain’s user account base, and was tryng to find the correct values that are present there.  I ultimately stumbled upon a KB article which is brilliant.. The key info that I needed was below so I thought…


WSUSScn2.CAB Manual download location

When using MBSA in an offline mode, it is sometimes required to download the catalogue file manually (due to firewall restricitions on some PCs etc) The below link will enable you to download it. I hope you will find this useful as I can never remember where this bad boy is 🙂


Userenvlog for Windows Vista/2008/Win7

If  you like the userenvlog from Windows XP, you may want to know how to get more information from the GPSVR service in Windows 2008/Visa/Win 7.  If so then try this: How to enable logging in the Gpsvc.log file To enable logging in the Gpsvc.log file, follow these steps. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then…


ADPREP Challenges

I had an interesting challenge last month and figured that this is a great one for my blog.   Being based in England, I had never come across this issue before so it was very interesting.   I arrived on a customer site to help perform a Windows Server 2008 schema update and make sure that all…


Registry.pol fun

Hi all,     This month, I ran into an interesting challenge to do with group policies.  Specifically, I was trying to figure out why a client was not getting a specific setting.   While it is was the Group Policy Object (GPO) and it the version of the GPT.ini in SYSVOL was in sync, the client…


Playing with NAP

Hi all,       I have been playing with Network Access Protection (NAP) recently and have a few pointers that may help you all out 🙂 Event ID 204 on the NAP server is raised when clients do not meet policy requirements Event ID 201 on NAP server is raised when clients do not meet the…

Advanced Group Policy Management V3

I was looking into AGPM v3 recently and thought that it would be good to put a reference to it on my Blog.   The challenging thing is, this is a great tool but you have to know about it first to then realise it!. If you like Group Policies, then you will love this tool. …